Idealo Holiday Reads Challenge 2012

When I’m not cooking, working or dealing with the ever-growing to do list, I love to read. Some of my earliest memories are of reading books and figuring out how I could make George’s Marvelous Medicine. When I have the time I love to get into bed a bit early and snuggle up with a good book. This helped me to get through the body clock changes when I moved onto the breakfast shift with my last job. It’s also one of the ways I can indulge my passion for history.

So when I was given the opportunity by Foodies 100 to take part in their Summer Holiday Reads Club, I simply couldn’t resist. After some careful consideration, I’ve put together the list of books I can’t wait to read during the sunny (hopefully!!) summer.

I have definitely caught jubilee fever this year, which is behind two of the choices on my list. I was lucky enough to report on the Royal Wedding last year and I’ve definitely got an interest in the Royal Family. At Home With The Queen is said to be full of little tidbits and Our Queen has had some of the best reviews of books published this Diamond Jubilee year.

I’m fascinated by the aristocratic families which played a huge part in public life in the first half of the 20th century (and beyond!), so I’ll be looking forward to settling down with The Churchills. I loved the author’s book on the Mitford family so I’m hoping this will be as compelling.

Last, but not least, this is a food blog and I’ve picked Giles Coren’s book about his career as a restaurant critic. I like his writing style and I hope this will be a meatier version of his restaurant reviews.

My summer this year will be a bit different to those I normally have…but I’ll still be finding time to avoid the wasps, find a shady spot and become totally engrossed in one of my four great books.

Disclosure: All the words and views in this post are my own. As part of the Holiday Reads Club I will be sent the books I have chosen, thanks to Idealo UK

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